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Phoenix Environmental CarePhoenix Environmental Care provides greater value by selecting effective and proven fungicides, insecticides, aquatics and other established products whose patents have expired, and then improves upon them through better raw materials and improved manufacturing processes. This philosophy leads to top-quality pesticides and plant growth regulators at more cost-efficient prices.

Phoenix products are much more than just plain “generics”. When you choose Phoenix Environmental Care products, rest assured you're buying from the best value provider in the industry. Phoenix delivers real, measurable benefits (through extensive research and field trials) to their customers by providing products with superior efficacy, innovation and cost-effectiveness, backed by exceptional services, product and industry support.

Phoenix Environmental Care was founded in response to turf and aquatic applicators’ needs for value-added fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Phoenix – named for the mythical bird that was reborn to be better – is meeting those needs every day.

For more information contact your local Sales Consultant or visit: www.phoenixenvcare.com

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Phoenix Environmental Care

Pre-conditioning with Floratine, we have found our turf health and appearance as remaining consistent.  With proper pre-stress cond Read more...

K. Chauncey Barry - GCSAA



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